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Tim‘s injury is expected to be worked into the scripts of his hit CBS drama. Los Angeles—“Oh my God, is it called maintenance now? But I like 50 a lot.” I jokingly thanked Tea for writing my headline: “50 is the new f***ed-up 30.” Breaking into a laugh, she answered, “Oh, God.‘s Tim Daly is updating his fans after reports surfaced that he broke both his legs in a ski accident. Turns out the 60-year-old actor broke his right ankle and left knee in the accident, but he assures fans he is doing okay! Tim Daly stars as Henry Mc Cord, a professor and husband of the secretary of state, played by Téa Leoni.

“As far as men and how I’m thought of differently, I want Tim to look at me in a certain way.She was a master negotiator.” On her own mom, Emily Patterson Pantaleoni, Tea said, “My mother’s a pistol.She has an absolute intolerance for injustice.” About how she would like to see her character in the future, Tea answered, “How about if I do become president, I nominate and put forward another secretary of state, who’s female? As she gets better at negotiation, I [also] have to get better.So far, that’s working.” Throughout our conversation, Tea repeatedly brought up her paternal grandmother, film and stage actress Helenka Adamowska Pantaleoni, who cofounded the US Fund for Unicef and was its president for 25 years.That inspired Tea to become its goodwill ambassador.

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News."Marriages on television always suck and this one doesn't," he added.

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  1. “They backed a bus over me and then ran it over again,” he complained. She’s issued a denial about “This is all lies, plus they’re under contract by Bravo.