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Guitarist Richie Kotzen, who made a name for himself via his hard rock, blues-influenced albums, perhaps got his most notable exposure during his one-album stint with glam rockers POISON in the early '90s. But Kotzen explained to that it made sense on some level, even if it didn't on others, "Keep in mind I was in a rock 'n' roll band before that," he said.

Many regarded it as an odd pairing, having the guitar virtuoso step in for the significantly less technically proficient C. "A lot of guys back then were guitar players that never left their personal recording studios.

If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium black hairstyles & haircuts.

, I thought I was being pranked after first listening to it. After covering Richie Kotzen last year as he fronted the band The Winery Dogs, I was stoked to hear what new stuff Richie has to offer.

I personally trained a lot on their songs as Amy Lee’s vocals were amazing [...]The Cavalera brothers, Max and Igor, are renowned for their undisputed contributions to metal.

Founding fathers of the revolutionary Sepultura before branching off into acclaimed individual projects, 2007 saw the once rival siblings reunite to form [...]The problem with stoner-doom is that the paths for experimentation are extremely limited at this point.

Changing gears, the track ‘My Rock’ plays like a romantic ode as Richie sings about being taken from the bottom to the top.

It shows you the power of love and how it can get you through tough times and the unwavering support you get from someone who loves you.

)We all know that Nikki loves her wine and her Louboutins while Brie enjoys hanging with her hubby and dining at organic restaurants, but did you know that Nikki intended to become a professional soccer player while Brie used to date a rock star? Sorry, Nena fans, but John Cena isn't the first WWE Superstar that Nikki has dated!

Keep people like that in your life, we all deserve positive support in our endeavors.

And if those types of people in your life have passed on, then honor them as you replay their advice in your head to help guide you through life’s challenges.

I wouldn’t declare my all-time favorite album, but Richie Kotzen has an undoubtedly canny talent to make listeners reflect, which reaches the heart and soul of your being.

So, if you want to expand on your catalogue of music, Mike Shaler is a music junkie who graduated from Grand Valley State University, majoring in Film and Video.

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Every plain stoner metal album is derivative of the same sound that has been heard a million times.

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