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“I think he’s the prince of Scherzia.” “And where, exactly, is that…? His heart was beating fast as he half walked, half ran through the hallways of Dalton, finally making it to his dorm room. “That one,” Kurt said immediately, pointing towards one of the many and very similar goats with utmost certainty. “So, Andromeda was the last goat your mother chose? And although Rufus is my second goat, he was the first one I picked for myself. “It’s an Scherzian tradition, Blaine,” he said, emphasizing the word heavily. Blaine walked over to a pair of large windows, finding that they offered a nice view of the garden behind the house.

I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Blaine quickly made his way out of the cafeteria. ” “Yes, Rufus,” Kurt said, looking just a little bit offended. But I still think Rufus is an excellent name.” Blaine stared at the goat. “Each member of the Scherzian royal family has their own royal goat. It’s actually a bit of a tourist attraction, in itself.” “Okay,” Blaine said, looking doubtfully towards Andromeda. She can’t very well have been alive since your mother was born, can she? Because there was something in Kurt tone that told him he’d be in trouble, if he actually laughed. ” Kurt turned towards him, and for a moment he managed to look almost shocked. After less than two seconds, he was grinning, instead. There are ridiculously adorable pictures of baby Rufus and five-year-old me.” “Oh, my God,” Blaine exclaimed, eagerly. Kurt led the way into one of the bigger ones, where there was a double bed that was only the slightest bit smaller than Kurt’s four-poster bed in the palace. He could have told Kurt that it was nothing, that he hadn’t been thinking about anything in particular.

At 21 years old, Kurt is starting his junior year in college with higher ambitions than is probably entirely advisable. “I actually feel like I recognize him from somewhere...” “If he’s famous, then wouldn’t we have heard something by now? That same evening, Blaine went over to Jeff and David’s room. ” David exclaimed, sounding far too concerned for someone who technically wouldn’t be affected either way. By that time, the students at Dalton were well over the fact that a prince had been attending the school along with them. When Kurt’s name was called, the members of the audience seemed to crane their necks a little extra as he walked across the stage to receive his diploma. So that we’re not found out.” “But this is different,” Kurt said. The tabloids wouldn’t leave us alone for another minute of our stay. This isn’t a test.” As Kurt drove, they continued talking about Kurt’s fascination with cars, and other hobbies they’d each had when they were younger.

Also, he just happens to be the heir to a throne, but more on that later. He’s probably nobody special.” “Hey, did you guys hear the big news? “God, I have this feeling we’re going to be talking about him for the rest of the week, and I’m already getting sick of it.” “You definitely won’t be in a moment,” David promised, his tone beyond excited. He showed them the picture and told them about that one time when he had happened to play hide and seek with a crown prince. “Because now you get to see him again, show him the picture. ” “Or maybe just a little bit more than friends,” Jeff suggested, raising an eyebrow towards Blaine. And it’s about time you got over Marcus, already.” “No, that’s…” Blaine tried his best to glare at Jeff. And I’m more than over Marcus, thank you very much. After the ceremony, Blaine spent the entire reception watching Kurt across the room. Maybe we couldn’t even be seen together in London.” “Well,” Kurt said, his smile turning playful. Blaine ended up re-enacting the majority of a musical version of Snow White that he’d unfortunately been a part of in second grade (Blaine had played Happy).

There were pictures of him in piano class, of his first day at school, of him and his brother riding bicycles. His mother had snapped a picture of them, sitting by that tree, the one Blaine had failed to hide behind. A bit further away was the edge of the forest, and in the other direction there was a large field. I’m sure no one will disturb us, here.” “That’s what I’m looking forward to the most.” Kurt’s expression softened. “Mike’s going to stop by later, just to drop off some groceries, because we can’t very well wander into the nearest supermarket if we want to remain unnoticed. Somehow, it still felt like a luxury, despite it’s simplicity.

Finding out the details of Kurt’s mothers death had been even easier. I need to go ahead and place this order as soon as possible, so that everything can be delivered in time for tonight.” “Okay,” Blaine said. Mercedes had some kind of musician seated on her right, which for some reason seemed to please her immensely. The day before, Blaine’s thoughts would probably have travelled in that direction, making him ponder Kurt’s future as the ruler of a country. Blaine found himself rooted on the spot for a long time, his mind spinning in circles. “Of course Blaine is different.” It was Kurt’s voice, this time. “Kurt, I know you’re not going to do anything unnecessary, or thoughtless. There, they stepped into a slightly smaller hall, one that had round walls and tall windows. ” “There’s still three days, before we have to go back to London,” Kurt said.

Queen Elisabeth of Scherzia had died about ten years earlier, from an unusual heart disease. Many of the articles were accompanied by pictures from the funeral, where a young Kurt with a solemn expression featured in most of them. Someone who can help me handle everything, privately but also publicly.” “That’s… “From my point of view,” he told Blaine, his tone completely serious, “It’s more like it’s too much to ask, of someone else. “Either way, it’s not something we should be talking about right now,” Kurt said, his tone firm. Tonight, however, Blaine found himself thinking about the queen, instead. Which meant that he was still there a couple of minutes later, when he suddenly heard a pair of voices talking. Different from your friends who came over last year.” The queen sounded very calm, Blaine thought, yet there was something in her tone that definitely hadn’t been there before. I don’t think you could if you tried.” “Then why, exactly, are we having this conversation? That’s why.” And now there was definitely concern colouring the queen’s voice. “And here I was hoping for something to gossip about,” she said. The ceiling was high and circular in shape, giving the entire room a globe-like shape. “But I’ve taken care of all my business here at the palace.

However, it had been decided that Queen Anne would continue to serve for a few more years, as Kurt wished to at least complete his studies before assuming the throne. “I was in a hurry.” “That’s all right.” The woman had smiled. Oh, and there’s Sebastian.” Sebastian’s expression was very tense. It was a waltz, of course, and it was quite beautiful, but he was certain he had never heard it before. To be thinking of everyone else, first.” “You’re right.” Blaine was still watching Kurt waltzing around the room. I think he’s able to relax a little more, around you.” Blaine smiled, his eyes still on Kurt. That’s enough.” “That’s…” Blaine cleared his throat, looking away. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.” “Of course you do.” Sebastian’s voice was rough. You’re not the only one who’s had a crush on Kurt Hummel.” “What’s that supposed to mean? It’s not my story to tell.” There was another moment of silence.

Which, Blaine thought, seemed like a pretty smart idea. Of course, he had to let them marry then.” “I suppose anything else would have been a bigger scandal,” Blaine said, feeling decidedly impressed. Blaine didn’t recognize the girl he was with, but she didn’t seem to be looking away from Sebastian even for a moment. It went quite slowly, Blaine thought, but that was definitely a good thing. “I suppose that’s what he expects of himself.” “I guess, yeah.” Mercedes offered Blaine a small smile. “I hope you’re right.” Soon, almost too soon, the first dance over. And then Sebastian stepped away from the railing, towards the door. * It was another ten minutes before Blaine was able to make himself go back inside. She was still talking to the man who had been sitting next to her at dinner.

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Which was why that evening, after Cooper had finally called it a night and gone off to sleep, Blaine took to the internet. Even though I said he wouldn’t have to wear a tailcoat. “I’d hate to have to hunch down in all the pictures.” “You should do no such thing,” Blaine had immediately protested. Girl, you are seriously in that dress.” Mercedes laughed. And it honestly means the world to me that we’ve actually found a way for you to be a part of all of this. “It should arrive for your final fitting in an hour, or so.” “Arrive? Last time I stopped by, they were doing wonderful things with her hair. ” * Blaine was surprised at how quickly he and Mercedes found their seats among the many banquet tables. “I’m usually somewhere in this section,” she said, with a general gesture about their corner of the hall. I know Kurt used to keep a collection of his, but I’m not sure if he still keeps it up.” That made Blaine glance up towards the still-empty head table, where Kurt would no doubt be sitting. I’ve heard a lot about you.” At least it wasn’t the worst thing he could have said. I suppose he is very attractive.” “He is, isn’t he? We could be alone, for a while.” “Alone,” Blaine said.

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