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Critics argued that Sammi purposely westernized her Cantonese.Instead of saying "Ding Dong", Sammi pronounced it as "Deen Dong".

Sammi released 3 full-length studio albums prior to leaving school: "Sammi", "Holiday" and "Never Too Late".

The name came about when Sammi was still in school and her English Language teacher wanted everyone in class to have an English name.

When Sammi turned to her sister for help, her sister came up with the name "Twinnie".

In real life it would be considered sexual harassment.

But, otherwise, if one tolerates this distasteful perspective, and can overlook its clichéd, predictable ending, ‘Csak szex és más semmi’ is certainly a worthy addition in the genre: it’s an enjoyable and mildly sexy picture that plays the game as well as any Hollywood effort.

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