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Consult your veterinarian for an evaluation to make sure that a behavior is not related to an underlying medical problem; 2.

These are short-acting and provide reliable sedation with some analgesia (pain relief) as well.

Minor tranquilizers are more frequently used to combat anxiety whereas major tranquilizers are used to induce relaxation.

Examples of minor tranquilizers include diazepam (Valium), which is used frequently in foals to facilitate veterinary procedures, as well as alprazolam (Xanax), which is used anecdotally and infrequently in the horse for anxiety.

With over 10-years of use globally, Zylkene maintains a wide safety profile with no serious side effects reported.

If your horse has a behavioral problem for which you are considering medicating, first: 1.

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Sedated horses are often unaware of their surroundings, but these drugs cannot prevent all reactions (kicking, biting) and may even increase the risk.

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