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I was both impressed and surprised recently with the security features in a low-end Netgear WGR614 Wi-Fi router.

For whatever reason, Netgear does a poor job of touting these features.

The WGR614 offers an option on the Guest network called "Allow Guest to access my Local Network." Rather than explain the meaning of this option simply and clearly, Netgear has, unfortunately, made a reading comprehension test out of their documentation: OFF: any user connects to this SSID can only access internet directly and other clients in the same SSID network.

All clients in this SSID are not allowed to access router web GUI, clients of other SSIDs, Ethernet network and any other service of this Wireless Router.

The computer I'm writing this on is attached to a Linksys WRT54GL.I opted for Netgear because of some features that I liked in a prior Netgear router.The first was simply the capability to log out of the internal Web site.You should be able to figure this out by looking at the range of IP addresses the router assigns (DHCP).However, mistakes happen, and reporting how a device got its IP address, would highlight any mistakes.

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