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It’s easy to see why Siemian was the chosen one, with Elway and head coach Gary Kubiak having confidence in the young man’s decision-making and mental acumen for the game.

Clearly, his mentality showed through in this quote to after receiving the news.

From butt-fumbles to head-scratching interceptions and everything in between, this may finally be rock bottom for a guy who once had the world at his fingertips.

Now that title has been passed to a former Northwestern QB in Trevor Siemian, and he has been given the torch as general manager John Elway’s pet project in Denver.

The ladies definitely go crazy for this talented hottie. New York Giants quarterback Mark Sanchez may be famous for his game on the field, but the ladies love the football player off the field too.

Now, the Broncos go from a team with uncertainty at quarterback to one with confidence and a bright future in the second-year man Trevor Siemian and promising rookie Paxton Lynch behind him.

Mark Wahlberg definitely gives him some competition.

The actor and producer (and former rapper) has built of quite the resume with his many starring roles.

Just how long he can hold onto the starting gig with Lynch behind him remains to be seen, but don’t think Siemian is going to go out there and flop in Week 1.

He seems to have far more mental fortitude than the guy he beat out in Sanchez.

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Though Siemian could turn out to be a terrific NFL quarterback, this whole situation seems to shine more light on just how awful Sanchez has become rather than highlighting a player with the potential to be a solid starter in Siemian.

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