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The act received the support of 39 members of the parliament, with 11 members abstaining, one voting against the Act and 11 absences (out of a total of 62).

The parliament appointed a Constitutional Committee, which was to make preparatory arrangements.

This polling company selected participants from the official directory of inhabitants by means of quota sampling.

This way, representativeness could be assured and bias in age, gender and living place could be avoided.

On 14 November of that year, one of these civic associations – “The Anthill” – held a “national conference”.

By inviting a random sample of 0.5% of the population, the organisers of this event hoped to obtain a participative mandate that was representative enough to hold the government accountable.[7]Their findings added to the already existing political discourse, which demanded the review of matters like the separation between legislative and executive powers, the responsibilities and supervision of the executives and the possibility of direct public participation in decision-making.

90/2010” (hereafter: the “Constitutional Act”), which ordered a complete overhaul of the constitution.

This bill was presented in the wake of the Icelandic economic meltdown in 2008-11, which had caused a string of protests (also known as the “Kitchenware Revolution”) that led to the resignation of the government in 2009.[6] Parallel to these protests, citizens started to organise in grassroots-based think-thanks.This committee consisted of seven members, and was tasked with supervising the Forum.Afterwards they were to write a report about the Forum’s findings and organise elections for a Constitutional Assembly.This Assembly would then take up to four months to produce a constitutional draft, basing itself on the Committee’s report.The draft would eventually be presented to the parliament for a vote.[9]The Constitutional Act prescribed that the participants of the Forum had to be randomly sampled from the National Population Register, “with due regard to a reasonable distribution of participants across the country and an equal division between genders, to the extent possible”.[10] The Anthill group therefore collaborated with Gallup Iceland.

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