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But when it comes to sexting, they're pretty inadequate.Winky faces, eggplants, and bananas have their uses, of course, but if you want to be a little sexier, you’re going to have to use your words.Because what is sexting if not the 21st Century's answer to the classic love letter? The extensive how-to guide on using little yellow men in your sex life. They’re simple, tame, and accessible icons that work wonders if you want convey basic emotions.Fun fact, the banana is typically used for a white penis, whereas an aubergine is more often used to describe a black penis.Who knows what races the Hot Pepper and Eat of Maize are for.But ultimately, I think they’re doing something very different — they're tapping into a lot more of a niche.

We wanted to be able to show this to all of our friends and have them all feel comfortable.Some of these, like the vulva in particular, are really detailed and surprisingly anatomically correct.Did you have to think about ways to also make them sexy? That’s where some of the most heated debate came out. And yes, part of being inclusive is that it’s all sexy.Fortunately, four designers in California have come up with a solution, and they're calling it "Flirtmoji" — sexy stickers designed to look like emoji that you can paste into messaging apps as needed.The project launched on Tuesday, so How did Flirtmoji come to be? All four of us had experience with jokingly and poorly substituting the existing emojis into text conversations to try to communicate sex, and it never worked.

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After collecting this important data we have compiled them into a one stop shop for all your sexy emoticon needs...

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