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You'd think that after being rejected for our differences, we'd be quicker to embrace them amongst our own.Are we so desperately afraid of appearing "feminine" that we crop our hair like Marines and restrict our range of emotion?Since hair represents youth, which is associated with fertility.On an evolutionary level men will be more attracted to youthful looks, because of the increased odds of healthy offspring.I've heard "you'd be hot if you cut your hair" too many times, in comments on my videos or photos on Facebook, or as a rejection on dating sites.I'd have hoped that my fellow gay men would accept a broader range of gender expressions.thinkin about how it sculpts over his face as he is moving about ,.how it just kinda covers his eyes so he is even more...

Not to imply that women with short hair do not care about their appearance. With men being visual creatures, that is an advantage. As adults we are barraged with advertisements of celebrities and models who usually have long hair.I found growing up in the early 00s that there were very few guys my age who had long hair. I see it as a statement against stereotypes and also something to caress and appreciate. Walking down the street, shopping, at a bar, it doesn't seem to matter what environment I find myself in, If I see a man with long hair it's a double-take. yes yes .i adore watching a hot guy with long hair flowing with his body.That said, the person has to take care of their hair, otherwise I see it as laziness. it says he likes to play and is usually open minded...Growing up boys watched cartoons, in those shows the women have long hair. So naturally growing up seeing most women with long hair influences their mentality and they are drawn to it.He would catch glimpses of his sister watching Disney princess with long flowing hair. This is because people are drawn to what is familiar to them. As a woman gets older, her hair losses some of it shine in the process and her hair grows slower.

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