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Here is where we unknowingly commit ourselves to a lifetime of loneliness, because our uncompromising attitude leaves no room for blemishes, as even the most perfect partner is going to come with some inadequacy.

Here is where we give birth to the “dating checklist.” The internal checklist that is conceived as a result of no longer wanting to give ourselves to any man or woman who will not produce the outcome of a “happily ever after.” For some men and women, the dating list of requirements needs to be scratched completely. If you MUST have a checklist, here’s how to draft one: Detox your mind of other people’s opinions.

This is EXTREMELY important and possibly the most difficult step when completing your checklist.

It wasn’t until I started seriously dating that I realized how much of my vision for a relationship was influenced by outside principles and people.

Remember, upon meeting you, a woman quickly places you into one of four potential roles: This is a great checklist to use when you’re still learning how to flirt with women.

The further we are transported away from the idea that we will ever find real love, the more unrealistic our dating requirements become.

When dating, women especially “clutch their pearls.” The older, more established and more seasoned we become, the tighter we hold on to our unrealistic expectations.

It’s that, no matter what, you’re ALWAYS going to find a deal breaker. She’d most recently had her heart broken by a charming, but commitment-phobic man from, and she turned to me for guidance through the dating process. And then she’d complain on the phone that he wasn’t what she was looking for.

Even when you’re getting 17 out of 18 of your needs met, you’ll pick the ONE that makes you want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I quickly wrote her a new profile and started getting her more responses.

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Next thing she knew, she had a bunch of options from quality men.

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