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On the one hand, women (and men) should absolutely be able to express themselves and their sexuality however they want to.

On the other, they’re adopting an unflinchingly heterosexual and rigid approach to relationships, where one party must present themselves as ‘male’ and dominant and the other ‘female’ and submissive.

@Tom Act, a magazine celebrating the lives of Thai women blending gender lines, has a not-so-niche readership of 76,000 – and that’s just on Facebook.

More prominent still are the ‘It’ toms, such as Phuwaryne Keenan, Suppanad Jittaleela and Qwaa Phunnutta, who have individually amassed Instagram followings of 376k, 899k and 156k respectively.

Bangkok-based filmmaker Katrina Kaufman’s documentary has had 129,000 views to date. ‘Before making the film, we had thought that “tom” and “dee” were just Thai terms for a butch-femme relationship, but toms and dees really have their own distinct culture.

It’s only now that Thai society is becoming more open that toms are beginning to get public recognition.’ But for Jump and her girlfriend, public recognition isn’t important. ‘If people see me as a woman, that’s fine,’ she says. People should see inside of each other – what’s on the outside doesn’t matter.

‘When I was little, my mum couldn’t accept who I was,’ she recalls.

I don’t particularly like labels.’ In the past, women in Thailand who were attracted to other women were simply considered ‘men’, and so the term ‘tomboy’ was adopted in the 70s to solve the problem of how to describe them.

Meanwhile, trans women who are biologically born male can only excuse themselves from military service by declaring ‘mental-health problems’. She lives with her elderly father, who has met her girlfriend and welcomed her into the family.

And a few years ago, she made peace with her mother, too.

‘It happens all the time,’ the graphic designer tells me later. In this case, that means dressing ‘like a man’, standing ‘like a man’, talking ‘like a man’ and even protecting her girlfriend, Kelly, like one too.

‘I do like to be gentlemanly,’ she explains, adding that only ‘long-haired women who date other long-haired women’ are considered lesbians – and they often experience discrimination as a result. There used to be a lot of negativity around that word.

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Standing at the bathroom sink, Jump Ruksakiati washes her hands and stares absentmindedly at her reflection. ’ Confused, she hovers there, uncertain of what to do next. My grandfather was a tailor who custom-made men’s suits, so I got a lot of ideas from him, and if you look in my wardrobe these days, you’ll only see shirts and trousers in navy, black, brown and white.

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