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Hester was the oldest of four children and the life of their home on a winding rural road just east of Ocean Springs.

Brendon, 7, is in stable condition, while Bertis Herring, 60, remains in critical condition, according to police.She tried to tell herself that maybe, just maybe, Braydon was alive.A doctor gave her the news in a private room off the emergency room. He could take apart and put back together most anything.“I’m sorry we couldn’t save your son.” Thirty surgeons could not have saved him, the doctor said. They took him off life support after a couple of minutes. It just hurt me that they were saying those things about him.” Hester was an old soul in a child’s body, she said. When he died, he was trying to build an electric bicycle with the motor from a weed trimmer.She later learned a friend had held her son after the accident. He stared into the young man’s eyes until he faded out. She reached out on Facebook, asking for videos or photos that might illuminate what happened to her son. She concluded he had either tripped on something in the truck bed or over one of his steel-toed work boots. As a 10-year-old, he preferred sitting around the kitchen table with the adults to playing outside. He babysat his young brother and sister for her; she sometimes watched his toddler, Davin Lynn Hester.

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